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Bond Plumbing offers a complete range of stormwater plumbing, including removing blockages, repairing stormwater drains and full installation of drainage systems. Stormwater in urban areas is the result of runoff from hard surfaces. If you do not manage stormwater correctly, your property may be damaged, and pollutants and debris carried off-site and into waterways.

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As a homeowner, you can take the following steps to reduce the environmental impact of stormwater around your home:

  • If you are building a new home, consider the topography of your block and try to work with it. Maintaining existing drainage patterns will significantly reduce stormwater impacts.
  • Build your new home as quickly as possible to reduce the time your land is exposed and unstable.
  • Retain vegetation and trees with deep roots. Trees help bind the soil, decrease the speed of runoff, filter nutrients and capture silt.
  • Minimise hard surfaces like paved paths, concrete decks, driveways and roofs.
  • Slow stormwater with permeable paving, infiltration trenches, vegetation, soakwells and pebbles.
  • Harvest and store stormwater for garden use.

Developing a Stormwater Site Plan

We can devise and implement stormwater site plans for residential and commercial properties including offices, strata-managed properties, schools and holiday parks. Stormwater site plans present an opportunity to conserve water and reduce pollution.

When creating a stormwater site plan, it is important to take the following considerations into account:

  • Soil. The type of soil on your block will determine elements of your site plan. For example, sandy soil offers excellent absorption qualities whereas clay soils will get waterlogged and will require drainage to remove excess water. Stormwater drains will also be needed for shallow soils sitting on granite, shale or limestone
  • Water table. Buildings above a high groundwater table will require stormwater pipes to remove excess water
  • Slope. The gradient of your block will affect the velocity of the runoff. This can be mitigated through careful planning of strategic drains and pipes
  • Regulations. Use a licensed plumber because stormwater harvesting, diversion, and runoff are subject to council regulations
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Our Stormwater services include:

  • Full stormwater site plans for new and existing properties.
  • Installation of stormwater drains, infiltration trenches and soakwells.
  • Removal of debris and blockages from stormwater drains and downpipes.
  • Maintenance of stormwater drainage systems in caravan parks, holiday parks, schools and commercial properties.

The team at Bond Plumbing has over ten years experience in all plumbing services and an in-depth knowledge of the environmental conditions in the Gold Coast area. Our aim is to be the number one plumbing company on the Coast, and we feel confident our combination of quality workmanship and outstanding customer service will see us achieve our goal. You can trust us to look after your property as if it were our own, and to leave it as clean than when we arrived.

If you are experiencing problems with stormwater drainage, or you would like to discuss a stormwater site plan, contact us now for a friendly chat.

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