Pest Control for your Plumbing

Rodents love to chew through pipes! This may sound odd, but yes the two go together.

Bond Plumbing were recently called to attend a plumbing job in Coomera on the Gold Coast. When we arrived on-site the owner of the property stated he had a leak in his roof and that water was showing on his bedroom ceiling. Upon further inspection after entering the roof, we found water had pooled out from a couple of pipes. We noticed rodent droppings in the ceiling cavity, and when we looked at the pipes there were gnaw marks on them.

All the pipes needed to be replaced, which would cost a small fortune for the home owner. We advised that pest control be taken out as soon as possible. The owner had previously thrown some rat bait up in the ceiling, but this only encourages the rodents to chew through the pipes, as the bait makes them thirsty.

If you think you could possibly have a rodent issue, make sure you:

  • Have it checked out by a plumber or by pest control.
  • Remove any rubbish/materials the rodents can live and breed in.

Call the friendly & professional team at Bond Plumbing if you have any questions about our pest control plumbing services. We have been servicing the local Gold Coast area since 1986.

Bite marks in pipe
Inside roof where rodents were living