Bond are the Gas Plumbing Specialists

Bond Plumbing is a local business on the Gold Coast with over ten years plumbing experience. We have licensed gas plumbers who will install your new gas system efficiently and safely and leave your home, office or business complex looking as good as new. They will also take the time to make sure you understand how your new system works, and how to turn it off and on before they leave.

Gas Plumbing requires specialist knowledge, and all gas systems must be fitted by a licensed gas plumber as they are subject to compliance and certification processes. You should make sure that your plumber is qualified to install gas systems and understands the gas regulations required by law. Generally speaking, the following requirements must be met when installing gas plumbing:

  • Certificates of compliance and certificates of inspection must be lodged with Fair Trading at the completion of gas fitting
  • Certificates of compliance and inspection must be provided to owners/occupiers and network operators/gas suppliers within five working days of completion
  • Owners and occupiers must inform Fair Trading of any serious gas accidents on their premises. A serious gas accident is defined as:
  • 1. Being caused by the use of a gas appliance or installation, or by work carried out on a gas appliance or installation, and
  • 2. Causing death, permanent disability, hospitalisation or absence from work
  • Owners and occupiers must maintain gas appliances and plumbing in safe, working order

Emergency Information

If you have existing gas plumbing, and you suspect you have a leak:

  • Do not try to find the leak with matches or naked flames of any kind
  • Turn off all gas appliances in your home including hot water pilot lights
  • Locate your gas meter and turn off the supply valve
  • Contact a licensed gas plumber immediately

If you believe your gas plumbing has been damaged in any way, shut off the gas supply and have the system checked by a licensed gas plumber. For more information on gas safety see:

As a local, family-owned company, our focus is on superior workmanship and customer service. The team at Bond Plumbing can help you choose and install the best appliances for your needs, and advise on the best ways to keep your gas fittings in tip top condition. We leave our worksites clean and tidy, and we work within a timeframe and budget agreed upon at the beginning of each job. Our service locations include Coomera, Helensvale, Hope Island and surroundings.

Don’t trust your gas plumbing and family safety to a cheap fly-by-nighter. Our friendly staff offer honest, affordable services, and we are proud to stand by our work. We have many years of experience managing renovation projects and maintenance projects, and we will get to your door as quickly as we can for any plumbing emergencies. Take a look at our client testimonials, sign up to our blog, The Boiler Room, or contact us today to discuss your gas plumbing needs.

Reviews from some

Valued Customers

Debbie Thurlow

“Best plumbers around! Honest and reliable! They’ll take care of all your plumbing needs!”

Aileen Morgan

“Great service all round from the first phone call to the work that was completed. The Bond boys were both friendly & professional. Their work was clean & efficient and we will definitely be calling them again if we ever need to. Highly recommended.”

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