What is a Water Hammer?

You know that irritating, loud, banging and vibrating noise that you hear when you turn off the tap? It’s what we call a water hammer.

Water hammer occurs when a valve is suddenly turned off, which causes the pressure from the gushing water to suddenly stop. This high pressure then causes hydraulic shock waves that reverberate throughout the pipes.

We would need to differentiate though if the sound that you hear is from a water hammer or from trapped air inside the pipes. One simple way to do this is to determine when you hear the sound.

Reasons which could cause a water hammer

  • Lack of clips on your main water run, hot or cold
  • Faulty jumper valves on taps
  • Air in water supply

A water hammer may only sound like a simple annoyance but we should not take it lightly. Water hammer can lead to a serious plumbing issue and can lead to a The most common valve that causes water hammer to occur in your homes are the valves in your washing machines and dishwashers. These valves were designed to deliver more than the usual amount of water to the water fixture that they are connected which means that there is a higher water pressure coming from the flowing water on these taps. So when you suddenly close these valves, you now have the recipe for a potential water hammer.

If the water hammer is caused by very high water pressure, you may need to install a PRD Valve ‘Pressure Reduction Valve’ so as to control the water pressure going inside your house.

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