What Causes a Leaking Tap?

Taps use parts to create a seal, so that when the tap is closed, water is prevented from running. When one of those parts is worn out, you get a leaky tap.

Replacing the parts

When you need to replace one of these parts, the tap needs to be disassembled. So whilst you are replacing one part, it is just as easy to do the others at the same time. The replacement parts are low cost and it shouldn’t take long for a licensed plumber to carry out the replacement and repair.

For mixer taps, the cartridge may need to be replaced to fix the drip. The cartridge in mixer taps has an average 5-year warranty. Providing you have your warranty paperwork for your mixer, your plumber can arrange to have the cartridge replaced under warranty. You will have to pay for the labour charges involved in replacing the cartridge.

Ceramic disc spindle taps that leak will require the ceramic discs to be replaced. Some plumbers opt to replace the spindles altogether as it can be fiddly replacing the ceramic discs.


  • To prolong the life of your tap, try not to over-tighten them. Only turn the tap enough to stop the water running.
  • Have your taps serviced regularly by a licenced plumber.

The team at Bond Plumbing carry most tap fittings and can fix your old taps; or if you decide to upgrade, our plumbers can advise you on the best option.