Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Fix Yourself

Although DIY projects can be a great idea around the house, there are a few things that should be left to the professionals, and plumbing is no exception. We’ve had quite a few DIY disasters lately that has ended up costing a fortune to repair.  From hidden pipework to expensive mistakes, here are a few examples of plumbing DIY don’ts!


A blocked drain or overflowing sewer can be an extremely difficult situation. Not only is it smelly and messy, but the problem is also underground and out of view. Attempting to clear a blockage yourself can damage the pipework and require much more expensive and invasive repairs.  

Thankfully, our plumbers are well equipped to deal with any drainage issue. We use the newest technology to uncover the blockages and clear them safely. We are also experienced with messy situations, saving you the discomfort of dealing with it yourself.

Hot Water Units 

Besides the safety risks, dealing with water & electricity, there are also economic risks. Attempting your own repairs could end up costing you much more. 

A mistake might mean the difference between an affordable repair and an expensive replacement of the entire unit. Additionally, most warranties are voided if you attempt repairs or installation of hot water systems yourself.

Similarly, replacing your own hot water system is a difficult task. From connecting the proper lines to setting the ideal water temperature, a qualified plumber is your best bet.

Low Water Pressure

The annoyance of low water pressure from your taps or shower head may make you seek out the problem yourself.
Unfortunately, something that seems to be a simple plumbing problem is often much more serious. From a fractured pipe to an eroded water line, you never know the root of the problem.

A quick fix might hide the problem for the short-term, but it could end up making the problem much worse over time.

That’s why it’s best to call a plumber who will diagnose the correct issue right away, saving you time, money and annoyance.

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Plumbing work carried out in Queensland must be completed by a licensed plumber