Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Fix Yourself

Property owner responsibilities

Property owners are responsible for the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of all the private fittings, mains connected water tanks and pipes on their property, up to the water meter.

Water companies are responsible for the water meter itself and the pipes leading away from the property. If a problem is detected in these pipes, it is the responsiblity of the water company to fix it.

To reduce the likelihood of undetected water leaks, homeowners are encouraged to actively monitor their water usage by taking regular readings of their water meter.

Leaking toilets, taps and more particularly, leaking underground pipes can waste a lot of water, leading to high water bills. For example, a tap that drips once every second will waste up to 33 litres per day. In comparison, a leaking underground water pipe can waste thousands of litres per day and not be visible. Leaks can also cause structural damage to your property and even attract termites.

Water companies read water meters every three months and issue letters to alert householders that they may have a concealed water leak in the instance when water use for the quarter has spiked significantly. However, it is recommended that householders regularly check their water meter to detect a concealed leak early. Not all water leaks are visible.

Checking for a concealed leak

If you think you may have a concealed leak such as an underground leak or would like to check, follow the steps below:

  1. Check your property (inside and out) for visible water leaks from taps, toilets, showers and irrigation systems.
  2. Turn off all taps, water appliances and irrigation at your property.
  3. Read your water meter and record the reading. Leave your water meter tap on.
  4. Wait one hour and then check your water meter again – remember not to use any water during this time, even to flush the toilet.
  5. If the reading has changed there could be a water leak.

If you find a concealed leak, turn off your water supply at the meter immediately and give the professional & experienced team at Bond Plumbing a call.

Plumbing work carried out in Queensland must be completed by a licensed plumber.