Drain Flies

Read our tips on how to get rid of drain flies

Drain flies are a family of flies which can sometimes inhabit plumbing drains and sewage systems; where they are harmless, but are still annoying regardless. These flies like to live in aquatic to semi-terrestrial or sludge-based habitats like bathroom or kitchen sinks, where they feed on bacteria and continue to lay eggs. They are most active at night, but may also be seen during the day. Adult flies can live for around 20 days.

Drain flies are sometimes called sink flies, filter flies, sewer flies or sewer gnats; however their actual name is Psychodidae.

Our friendly team of plumbers have put together the below tips to help prevent drain flies.

What Causes Drain Flies?

Drain flies can become attracted to bacteria & decomposing material within drain pipes, and will lay eggs within the sludge that collects along the interior walls of drain pipes.

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

You can get rid of drain flies by:

  • Running hot water down the affected drain pipe
  • Unclog and clean the affected drain pipe
  • Use a pipe snake or pipe brush to clean any sludge build up inside of the affected drain pipe

How to Prevent Drain Flies

Drain flies can be prevented by:

  • Regular plumbing maintenance to ensure your pipes are clean and clog-free
  • Use a kitchen sink strainer to catch any food scraps before they fall into the drain pipe

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