Blocked Pump in a Septic System

An emergency call came through at 6pm, from The Strawberry Bush daycare center.

The alarm on the pump station had started ringing at the very end of the day.

As no-one would be using the septic system overnight and we could get out to the site before they opened, we didn’t need to attend the site after hours, saving the customer money.

Bond Plumbing called Power Pumping, a 24/7 sewer pumping service that we have used before and made a booking to meet on-site at 6:30am. This was so the tank and pumps could be properly assessed with out the obstruction of dirty water in the way.

Once we popped the pit lids and started pumping it became very obvious why the alarms had gone off. 5 pencils and 4 toy cars where sitting in the bottom of the tank. Powered pumping sucked them right up and sprayed down the walls and floor to clean the tank.

Next was the pumps.

We pulled them up to inspect the inlets, to remove and debris caught up in the pump. As soon as we lifted the first pump a ball dropped down from the inlet, preventing any waste to be discharged and causing the alarms to go off.

With the clean out of the pumps and hose down of the tank and removal of ALL debris from the tank floor, I was confident to say the job was done.

A quick test of the pump operation and tidy up before continuing with the day. If you believe you have a blocked pump or need a septic tank pumped out, the team at Bond Plumbing will be happy to help!

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