All Things Tapware!

Plumbing Advice When Purchasing Tapware

  • Always use a licenced plumber to install your tapware
  • Take photos of the existing tap and the way it is installed under the sink
  • Yes, you can convert a hot & cold tap set to a mixer
  • Buy from a reputable plumbing supplier
  • Check the warranty at time of puchase
  • Consider chrome or stainless steel, as they are easier to clean
  • Measure your spout to ensure it doesn’t extend beyond your sink bowl

Tap Designs to Consider

Mixer Taps – Simple, allows to mix hot & cold. Minimal in design & offers a low-profile look.

Pull Out Taps – These allow for easy cleaning of bigger items. Pull out tip of tap head on a retractable hose.

Spray Mixer Taps – Similar to the mixer tap in looks. The difference being you can change the way water ejects from the tap, such as a spray setting.

Gooseneck Taps – If you want a grand statement in your home. Designed to make it easier to clean large items that normally wouldn’t fit under a short tap.

Check out more designs at the Reece website.