All Things Tapware!

Plumbing Advice When Purchasing Tapware

Always use a licenced plumber ton install your tapware

Take photos of the existing tap and the way it is installed under the sink

Yes you can convert a hot & cold tap set to a mixer

Buy from a reputable plumbing supplier

Check the warranty at time of puchase

Consider chrome or stainless steel as they are easier to clean

Measure your spout to ensure it doesn’t extend beyond your sink bowl


Tap Designs to Consider



Mixer Taps – Simple, allows to mix hot & cold. Minimal in design & offers a low-profile look.

Sink Mixer 9503412 hero 1 - All Things Tapware!

Pull Out Taps – These allow for easy cleaning of bigger items. Pull out tip of tap head on a retractable hose.


Pull Out Sink Mixer 9503418 hero 1 - All Things Tapware!


Spray Mixer Taps – Similar to the mixer tap in looks. The difference being you can change the way water ejects from the tap, such as a spray setting.


american standard saga sink mixer with pull out spray 9506812 hero 1 - All Things Tapware!


Gooseneck Taps – If you want a grand statement in your home. Designed to make it easier to clean large items that normally wouldn’t fit under a short tap.

Gooseneck Sink Mixer 9502640 hero 1 - All Things Tapware!

Check out more designs at:



Pillar Taps 9500353 hero 1 624x468 - All Things Tapware!

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